Intermediate Bohus with Trollenwol
30 September, 2019
14.00 - 17.00
Uradale Farm, East Voe, Scalloway
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In this class we will start a project (wrist warmer or leg warmers) in the Bohus style. The project will be knitted in the round and we will be practising working with 2 or 3 colours in one row (and for the very skilled, 4) and in the meantime knit stitches on the wrong side and purl stitches on the right side. The Bohus-like pattern will be more intricate. The project can be finished at home after the workshop.

Materials: Materials provided.

Skill level: For the knitting classes the following skills are needed: cast on, cast off, knit, purl, knitting with two colours in one row (for the short classes) and also knitting in the round on circular or double pointed needles and working with three colours in one row.

Transport: Public service bus to Sundibanks stop and walk to Farm house. Or car share from Hub. Or call 07880704606 for a pick up from bus stop if weather is bad.