Light Up Your Lace
01 October, 2019
09.30 - 17.00
Methodist Church Schoolroom, Prince Alfred St, Lerwick
Bring own needles
Helen Robertson
Not included

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Create your own knitted wire lampshade. Patterns and instructions are given for 5 lampshades ranging from plain knitting to complex lace. Knitted flat and then grafted, this class provides a chance for you to learn knitting with wire, while producing a completed project that will light up our lace and your home. Your completed lamp measures 6″ by 10″ but can be packed in a 6″ x 7″ box for travel or shipping.

A light lunch is provided.

“The Light Up Your Lace class was one of the highlights of Wool Week for me. You are a superb teacher and managed a wonderful blend of skill, knowledge, organisation and calm.”