Quotidian Colourwork with Felicity Ford
01 October, 2019
09.30 - 12.30
Voluntary Action Shetland, Market House, Market St, Lerwick
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Felicity Ford
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Learn to translate your favourite things into stranded colourwork using the KNITSONIK system. Bring a treasured object or photo from which to develop your creative ideas. You’ll also need your preferred needles for working small-circumference stranded colourwork in the round with fingering weight yarn; 2.5-3.25mm depending on your tension.

Skills required: Knitters must know how to knit stranded colourwork in the round.

Homework: To prepare for this class, select ONE inspiration source from which to work during the class; if your inspiration source is a photo, get it printed out ahead of the workshop.
Please also bring plenty of squared notepaper, a ruler, and a plain HB pencil.