Ulsta Craft Fair
02 October, 2019
09.00 - 18.00
Yell Craft Fair at North Ness Ulsta Public Hall, Yell
Yell Crafts

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Yell Craft Fair at Northness Ulsta Public Hall, after a very popular 1st year 3 day craft fair event was held in 2018, we hope to see you all again for this year’s two day event.

Come along and view all the lovely stalls of local made crafts. Crafts will include local made Sheepskin rugs, a variety of knitwear, local made jewellery, beaded crafts, wooden and driftwood crafts, local made pens, Shetland tweed & Fair Isle bags, Shetland scenes, Shetland inspired crocheted and pyrographic gifts, hand painted local stones and Trinket boxes, lovely home-bakes, jams and chutneys for sale as well as a selection of books published by a local author.

We also have an exhibition of Shetland and textile memorabilia will be on display, as well as demonstrations to be observed periodically throughout each day.

A lovely spread of sandwiches and home-bakes will be available throughout each day.

This is free entry event with a small cost for refreshments.
Hope to see you all there.


Transport: Northness Hall in Ulsta is about 20 walk from Ulsta ferry Terminal, local taxi could be available if booked in advance, public transport bus could be gotten from Lerwick to Toft, Bus Times can be found at ZetTrans website.

Taking your own transport would be recommended, as there are other attractions open in Yell also.
Directions for Northness Public Hall, follow Road to Gutcher for about 1/4 mile, Northness Hall can easily be seen on the right hand side of the road, turning up third junction after coming off the ferry.
Alternatively there will be a bus touring throughout Yell and will be visiting the Northness Ulsta Hall as well as many other places, tickets can be purchased for a seat on the bus through the woolweek brochure, but there will be limited places available so book soon.