Up Your Game – Improvers’ Spinning
04 October, 2019
09.45 - 12.45
Hoswick Visitor Centre, Hoswick, Sandwick
Elizabeth Johnston
Not included

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Do you want to advance your spinning skills and techniques? Do you have queries that need to be resolved – or just don’t know what to do next…. Tutor Elizabeth Johnston leads this class tailored for any level of student who wishes to improve their knowledge and ability. The class will deal with each spinning process the students wish to cover. Listening to other participants’ queries is a great way to learn what you didn’t know you didn’t know… Shetland fleece of different qualities will be supplied as well as spinning wheels, hand and drum carders, combs, etc.

Materials: Cost includes wheel and equipment use, and materials.
Further info from www.shetlandhandspun.com

Transport: Buses leave from Viking Bus Station (Service no.6, at 9.00) regularly travelling to Sandwick (a 6 minute walk to the Visitor Centre). We suggest you ask the driver to let you off by the Carnegie Hall. Folk regularly travel from Lerwick, with lifts and car sharing usually available especially for the return journey to Lerwick. If necessary we can offer a lift from Hoswick to Lerwick. Please email us if you need assistance with transport.
For bus timetable – www.zettrans.org.uk/bus/BusTimetables.asp

Elizabeth has knitted from childhood learning age-old skills from family. She began with knitting Fair Isle and then moved on to lace. Constantly refining finishing skills, Elizabeth progressed to working with knitting machines. Her main desire had always been to learn to spin, and she eventually bought her first spinning wheel in 1978… she has acquired a fair few since! Spinning has become the main focus in her life and business, Shetland Handspun, producing handspun yarns, patterns and kits, as well as garments which are all handknitted in her handspun yarns. She is also a keen dyer, and can get the most beautiful colours always using natural dyes. She is a co-writer of a newly published book “The Warp Weighted Loom”.