Loganair supports SWW

Shetland Amenity Trust is delighted to announce that Loganair, one of the Scottish regional airlines that service Shetland, has agreed to support Shetland Wool Week from 2018, securing the future of  a hugely successful festival which is crucial to the Shetland economy.

Loganair Managing Director Jonathan Hinkles told a meeting of the Shetland External Transport Forum the company was “proud to guarantee support for Shetland Wool Week in 2018 and beyond.”

Shetland Amenity Trust chairman Brian Gregson thanked Mr Hinkles and said he was delighted at the news.

“Loganair’s recognition of  the importance of tourism and heritage in the isles is to be welcomed,” Mr Gregson said. “I’m really pleased to say that the company is fully committed to working with Shetland Amenity Trust in continuing to develop these sectors.”

Other sponsors of the festival, which was previously run under the Promote Shetland banner, include Jamieson and Smith, Shetland  Wool Brokers and Jamiesons of Shetland.

Wool Week organiser Misa Hay said the Loganair announcement provided a sense of stability and security.

“Wool Week has become a festival of international significance,” said Ms Hay. “We now have a secure base on which to build it into an even bigger and more influential event. And one which in the future will bring bigger and bigger benefits to the Shetland community and economy.”